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The 1994 Saudi Tour
Included Saudi Arabia, and Diego Garcia

 Riyhad, Saudi Arabia (1994) Riyhad Villa Tour Beach PARTAY!  Beach Partay!


TV News Coverage
Two Seattle stations covered the F'Gits last gig in town
before our 1995 DOD Tour.
We only got 5 minutes of fame to split between the six of us.
According to Andy Warhol, that leaves an outstanding balance
of 14 minutes and 10 seconds, apiece.

...So, PAY UP!

 KING 5 News (1995) KING 5 News KIRO 7 News  KIRO 7 News

KMPS LIVE Radio interviews
With Greg Thunder and the Waking Crew on KMPS 94.1
Before and After the 1995 DOD tour.

 KMPS LIVE Radio (1995) KMPS LIVE Radio (before) MORE KMPS LIVE Radio (after)  MORE KMPS LIVE Radio


MACEDONIA and CROATIA - August 1995
After checking out the barracks, our first gig in Macedonia was rained out, but The Forgettables played anyway.

 Macedonia Billeting (1995) Macedonia Barracks UN Blackhawk  UN Blackhawk

 RAINED OUT (1995) Rained Out


UN Outpost 52 - August 1995
Within 300 meters of the Serbian Border, The Forgettables get a glimpse of life on the front line.

 UN Tower (1995) UN Tower More UN Tower  More UN Tower
 UN APC (1995) UN APC Dogs of War  Dogs of War


The Croatia Gig
The Mighty UN Colonel orders his troops to

SIR! Yes, SIR!
...And you gotta love those US Army Nurses!

 WILD THANG! (1995) Wild Thang!


RETURN to Germany
After a quick tour
of the city of Zagreb,
We return to Germany.

 Hard Rock Cafe Hard Rock Cafe Croatia To Germany  Croatia to Germany (1995)


FAR EAST Tour - December, 1995
Tokyo Gardens by day,
Taki-Yaki by night!

 Tokyo Gardens (1995) Tokyo Gardens Tokyo
 Tokyo Taki-Yaki (1995)


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Missy From Mississippi
Bring On The Heartache
Diesel Dempsey


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