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Jim Chase uses live instruments, Myriad music notation software, and the reliable pencil on paper to compose music for indie films.  Jim rounds out the lineup of usual suspects at Billy Hale Music, along with co-conspirator Billy Hale.

Here is a little about his life and career so far...

Born in Fairbanks, Alaska, in 1953, Jim divides his time between family, a printing career, and composing music.


"After being bitten by radioactive type-lice while hand-setting copy late one night back in the seventies, Jim attained super-human powers as a crack letterpress operator by day, while becoming a mild-mannered musician by night."  The pilot of this bizzario [bizarre+scenario=bizarrio] developed into the series that ran for twenty years, with another ten in syndication.  Making it the longest running unsuccessful series of all time.

 Mild Mannered Musician by night.

Jim is gainfully employed as a freelance Journeyman Letterpress Operator.  While The Letterpress Trade serves only to delay the inevitable burnout caused by fame, fortune, and frequent world travel, it is music that feeds our hero's passion for creativity.  He's drawn to music like a moth to a flame, steel to a magnet, and, well, yes, a musician to music.

On Co-Authoring with Composer Billy Hale:

"When Billy and I finish a cue, it never sounds exactly as I heard it in my head, but rather with our ideas tightly interwoven.
"...at the confluence of our musical views is a cohesive theme; always a complete binaural 'vision'..."

Link to Original Scores, Soundtracks, and Current Projects
by Billy Hale and co-writer Jim Chase

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