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Brian Newcastle

"You are incomparable!  Your brilliance shines through every note. "

"Mr. Hale, you are a rare eclectic musician that can turn any musical form into gold.  I believe your are one of the most profoundly creative, versatile, and inwardly inspired composers today."

"Someday I'd like to hear your music performed accompanied by the London Symphony Orchestra or another European symphonic orchestra with a full choir."

Brian Newcastle, PhD
August, 2007
Director / Producer
David Saldana

"This work you have delivered is a real masterpiece!"

"I was ready for a cue by cue review, but I will not do it.  There's no point.... Inspired, energetic, grand, tender, electrifying, exciting... I really can't express it in words."

David Saldana
Director, Producer
  Puerto Rico

June, 2006
Assistant Editor
Kari Ann Morgan

"The soundtrack is absolutely superb!!"

" First of all, I must say that I was absolutely amazed at the quality of the (El Reporte) soundtrack.  It is beautiful, well-done, and meshes very well with the film itself."

 Editors Choice Nov. 2006 Kari Ann Morgan
Assistant Editor,
MicroFilmMaker Magazine Online

November, 2006
Director / Producer
MC Schuler

"Billy and Jim are very talented composers!"

"...And they are versatile: composing everything from simple jungle drums to a swelling orchestral action-adventure theme, from white trash stadium rock to comedic homo-erotic music.

"I have found them to be very easy to work with-- tweaking the music to exactly the feeling I wanted to express."

MC Schuler
Director, Producer

November, 2004
Director / Filmmaker
Nils Osmar
"Billy Hale and Jim Chase are remarkable musicians!"

"They see to the heart of a story, and come up with music to complement the work ...in the best creative and artistic sense."

Nils Osmar
Director, Filmmaker
Wonder Productions Seattle

November, 2004

Director / Producer
Cody Lucido

"Hey you guys are the coolest!"

"We just did a radio talk show about (The Loaming) and I mentioned your work and music. We are currently in the running for some great festivals.

"Thank you again for your great contribution to the project.

"I so look forward to working together again!"

Cody Lucido
Director, Producer
DVfilmmaker Seattle, Washington

June, 2004

Award Winning Director
Karl Krogstad

"Billy Hale is a monster!"

"He's so good it shatters!

"Some production will set him free and make those magical sliding transitions happen for a huge audience.  "Bravo Billy!"

Karl Krogstad
Director "The American Avant Garde"
Krogstad Studios Seattle

March, 2003

Producer / Engineer
Jeff Herrmann

"...I posted your site, link and LOGO on my site..FOR OVER A YEAR!"

"You guys are doing great now."
":) Just some guy with a mic."

Jeff Herrmann
Music Producer, Recording Engineer
Full Sound Recording
The Blind Review

December, 2004

Writer / Director
Michael Cross

"Thank you Billy!

"Your score reflects the emotions of each scene. Every beat hit right where it needed to!   I know you worked long hours, your dedication is clearly indicated by the art of the music. Cheers!"

Michael Cross
Director, "Afterthought"

March, 2003
Director / Producer
Kevin Lynch

"Billy, having your tunes on our video was like putting FIRE sauce on Taco Bell bean burritos. Mucho bueno. ThanksS buddy. Can't wait to do more!"

Kevin Lynch
Director, Producer
Pro-motion X5 Video Bainbridge Island, Washington

January, 2003

BMI Vice President
Paul Corbin

"I must say that I enjoyed the instrumentals that Billy Hale presented and the variety of his talent was very evident.

"Since Doreen [Ringer-Ross] is located in our Los Angeles office, I am taking the liberty of holding on to your "package" for future contact in Nashville."

C. Paul Corbin
BMI Vice President
Writer-Publisher Relations Nashville

November, 2002

for Score 

Billy Hale's score "A Forgotten Sea" written in Harmony Assistant won 2nd Place Award in Myriad-Online.com's international music composition competition.

October, 2002

Jim Chase

"In the winter of 1976, I met Billy Hale in Anchorage, Alaska...

"Billy had already made a name for himself as an accomplished guitarist with the locals, and his reputation was legendary. Those who knew his musical talent spoke of him in hushed tones as 'Billy Six-Fingers' -- in referrence to his fretting hand.

"Recognising his natural ability, I recruited Billy to play gigs all around South-Central Alaska, and farther north in Fairbanks, where his reputation spread like wild-fire among musicians and listeners alike.  I carried a document In loco parentis that allowed Billy to perform music in venues where alcohol was served."

"In the winter of '76, Billy Hale was 14 years old."

Jim Chase,
Co-Author, Billy Hale Music
October, 2004

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